For just £12.50 per month, you get a fully managed current account that allows you to manage your finances easily and hassle-free. You'll get access to our online account access system and access to our account management team who are just a phone call away. You also get the added convenience of a Card One Money Debit MasterCard, so you can use it to shop or withdraw money at home or abroad. You can add a 2nd person to the account at any time for an additional £5 per month, the balance is shared between both cards. If there are insufficient funds in your Billing Account to cover a standing order that you have set up, we will notify you by text 5 working days in advance. If there are still insufficient funds to make the payment 2 working days before it is due to be paid, we will text you again and notify you that we have not made the payment. If there are insufficient funds in your Billing Account to cover a direct debit we will notify you by text on the day the direct debit is due to be paid. We will keep trying to pay the direct debit up until 5pm so you will have until that time to deposit cleared funds into your Billing Account for the direct debit to be processed. The text alerts are free (network charges may apply) and there is no charge for failed payments. There is no account opening fee, you just pay the monthly fee in advance.

Please see this table for fees that apply to the card:

The information contained in this table summarises key product features of your Card One Money Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card and is not intended to replace any terms and conditions.

On Application

Card issue fee
FREE (Please see Terms and Conditions)

Additional card fee 
£5.00 per month, maximum 1 additional card available
Minimum amount of initial load £10.00
Maximum initial load £1,250.00
Maximum card balance £5,000
Usage restrictions
For full details please refer to Terms and Conditions

Ongoing features

Transaction fees
2.75% of the transaction value per purchase transaction outside the UK
Cash withdrawal fees
£1.50 for ATM withdrawals within the UK
£3.00 plus 2.75% of the transaction value for ATM withdrawals outside the UK*
£5.00 for a cash advance within the UK
£5.00 for a cash advance within the UK
£5.00 for a cash advance outside the UK
Balance enquiry
15p per balance enquiry by SMS
FREE to load your card, but you will be charged to send to 60777 at your usual network rate.
Top-up fees and limits
Maximum single load £1,250
Service fees

FREE replacement PIN


Cancellation or redemption
£10.00 redemption fee to redeem any balance on Card One Money Account closure
ExpiryCard valid for 3 years

*Please see see our pricing page.