Do you have a username?
Your username will arrive in the letter that comes with your card. If you need a reminder, please contact us.

Have you requested a password?
The password is sent out to you separately when you open an account. If you have lost it or haven’t received your password, please contact us to re-order a new password. Once re-ordered, the password will arrive within 7 to 10 working days.

You are getting the error message “Your sign in attempt failed”. 
This is because you are either entering your password incorrectly or you are failing the security questions that you have set up.

Please note that the password is case sensitive. To ensure that you are typing in the correct password, type the password into the username field and check it against the password letter. If it is correct, please cut and paste it into the password box, remembering to re-enter your username.

If you fail either of these too many times, the account will be locked for security purposes and any further sign in attempts will fail because the account is locked – even if you enter the correct username and password. Please call Customer Services to unlock the account or to re-order a new password.

You are getting the error message “Oops…there appears to have been an error”. 
Upon receiving this error – you need to close your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox etc.), then delete your temporary internet files and cookies. If this does not work, there may be a problem that is specific to your computer configuration. Please contact us so that we can assist you.

Signing in for the first time
The first time you sign into the system, you will be prompted to set 5 answers to security questions that only you should know the answers to - this is added security for the protection of your online account. Each and every time you sign into your account you will then be prompted to provide an answer to one of your security questions in order to successfully sign in.

Please note, these answers are not case sensitive but must be spelt the same each time you sign in.